Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer

Mouse gestures allow you to use the mouse to control common Internet Explorer functionality (e.g. go back a page, switch between tabs, close the current tab). Simply hold down the mouse button (usually the right button, but this is fully configurable) and draw a simple shape to invoke the associated action.


  • Integrated with Internet Explorer
    Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer are implemented as a Browser Helper Object. This means that the plugin has full access to IE's object model, allowing most aspects of browsing to be controlled via a gesture.
  • Customisable gesture engine
    Users aren't restricted just to the built in gestures. The gesture editor allows you to write your own - either by using the gesture wizard to recognise a new gesture, or by manually inputting the gesture sequence.
  • Mouse Trails
    As you're drawing a gesture, Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer can draw a trail to show you the gesture you've drawn so far.
  • Scripting Support
    The Mouse Gestures plugin now exposes the internals of the gesture engine so you can write your own advanced scripts.
  • Support for Windows x64
    Windows x64 is fully supported - huge thanks to Eric Lawrence at Microsoft for making this happen.


Click here for Version 1 of Mouse Gestures of Internet Explorer.

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