Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer


There was loads of stuff I liked about the Opera browser, but the real killer feature was the mouse gesture support. After a few hours of browsing using mouse gestures I was really hooked.

Unfortunately I found that a number of pages, especially ones that I have to use regularly for work, weren't being rendered properly (I'm not sure if it was Opera rendering the page incorrectly, or the HTML being incorrectly formatted - I suspect the latter).

As a Windows developer I wondered if there was any way of adding this functionality to Internet Explorer. As I was playing around with various ideas, I came across these two articles on my favourite source code site, The Code Project:

Essentially the Mouse Gestures plugin is a browser helper object. This gets loaded each time Internet Explorer creates a new browser window. I subclass the browser window and feed all the mouse movements to the gesture recognition component. I've documented how the plugin works in more detail in this article on the Code Project web site.

Over the lifetime of this project, I've added loads of new features including User defined actions and Mouse Trails. I intend to add some extra actions for Internet Explorer 7 when its finally released (in particular support for tabbed browsing). If you've got any features you'd like to see added to Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer, drop me a line. Otherwise, watch this space for future enhancements.


Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer is installed and configured via the downloadable executable. See Using Mouse Gestures for how to use.


Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer works with Internet Explorer 5 or greater, and requires Windows 98/Windows NT 4 or greater

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