Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer - Mouse Trails

One of the most requested enhancements to the plugin was the ability to draw mouse trails. This seemed like an interesting thing to do, so when I finally committed to doing this, I looked around to see what had already been done in this area. I found a plugin for the Firefox browser, but the trails it generated were at best basic. I wanted something that looked like XP not Win3.1!

After much prototyping, I've come up with something that ticks all the right boxes. To see how the mouse trails works, select the 'Mouse Trails' sheet of the Mouse Gestures configuration dialog:

Make sure that 'Enable mouse trails' is ticked, and perform a mouse gesture over the exclamation icon. The trail should look something like this:

When you end the gesture, the trail fades into the background. You might need to play around with the settings to determine the best combination of settings for your PC.

Note: You'll need a quite powerful graphics card to get the full mouse trail experience. The trails will draw on a 2Mb video card, but they can make the mouse a little jerky.

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