PySh - Writing Scripts

All you've got to do is write a simple Python class that adheres to a basic interface, and PySh does the rest.

Here's the interface that PySh requires for your Python classes:

class Example:
    description = "Description...";

    def Exec( self, dte ):
  • The description attribute reference (or static variable in C++) is the name Visual Studio will use if this command is bound to a button, or the text it will display when a user hovers the mouse pointer over any control bound to the command.
  • The Exec method is called by PySh whenver Visual Studio attempts to execute the class. The dte argument is a reference to the top-level object in the Visual Studio automation object model (see _DTE in MSDN for details). We use this object to manipulate Visual Studio.

Here's a real example of a command that flips between .cpp and .h files:

import pysh;

# Microsoft Development Environment 8.0
    8, 0, 1 );

import _dte;

class HeaderFlip:
    description = "Flip between .cpp & .h files";

    def Exec( self, dte ):
        doc = dte.ActiveDocument;
        if( not doc ):

        path = os.path.splitext( doc.FullName );
        flipPath = str( path[ 0 ] ).lower();
        if( path[ 1 ] == '.cpp' ):
            flipPath += '.h';
        elif( path[ 1 ] == '.h' ):
            flipPath += '.cpp';

            flipPath, _dte.constants.vsViewKindAny );
  • The pysh.MakeAlias is a wrapper around Python COMs makepy. In this example, we're makepy'ing the Visual Studio 2005 (Version 8.0) type library and then aliasing that module to _dte. Then we import the _dte module.
  • We retrieve the active document (if any) from Visual Studio
  • Check the documents path, and check its extension. If it's .cpp or .h, we flip the extension
  • Try and open the file at the flipped path

This example, and others just like it, can be found in <installdir>\

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