Winamp Remote

Download Winamp Remote


This plugin allows you to use the AirClick remote control from Griffin Technology with Winamp.

The controls are exactly as you'd expect:


Toggle Winamp between playing and paused.


Press once to skip to the previous track.
Press and hold to rewind through the current track.


Press once to skip to the next track.
Press and hold to fast forward through the current track.

Volume Down

Press and hold to lower the volume.

Volume Up

Press and hold to raise the volume.

Installing the Winamp Remote control

Installing the remote control is really easy:

  • Close Winamp
  • Copy gen_remote.dll from Winamp Remote to Winamp's plugins directory (usually 'c:\program files\winamp\plugins')
  • Restart Winamp

That's it. Uninstalling is really easy, just delete gen_remote.dll.